AOSEPT PLUS with HydraGlyde

Contact lens solution

  • Triple Action Cleaning
  • Long lasting moisture 21
  • Pristine Clean & Pure Comfort

About AOSEPT® PLUS with HydraGlyde®

Triple Action Cleaning

AOSEPT® PLUS with HydraGlyde® features a unique Triple Action Cleaning formulation that provides a powerful, pristine clean. After 6 hours, the solution neutralises to a gentle saline that is similar to your natural tears.

Long lasting moisture 21

The key to comfort with AOSEPT® PLUS with HydraGlyde® is the HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix. This proprietary wetting technology surrounds the contact lens with long-lasting moisture, providing enhanced lens hydration throughout the day21.

Pristine Clean & Pure Comfort

The combination of triple action cleaning and the HydraGlyde® Moisture Matrix enables comfortable contact lens wear throughout the entire day21. Moreover, AOSEPT® PLUS with HydraGlyde® does not contain any added preservatives which is an added bonus for people with allergies 38.

Contact lenses - Trials with eye care professionals
  • Monthly contact lens wearers
  • Deep clean
  • 3 more hours of comfortable wear time when used with AIR OPTIX® plus HydraGlyde® 22, 32-34, §, §§.

Consult an optician

If you have any questions about whether AOSEPT® PLUS with HydraGlyde® is right for you, please consult your optician.

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