Trying the first contact lenses

Nervous about trying lenses? Don't be

There’s a first time for everything – your first day at school, first kiss … and even your first time wearing contact lenses. Whether you opt for daily disposable lenses or a monthly replacement schedule, contact lenses should be comfortable, safe and easy to use. Best of all, you’ll master the basics in no time.

First contact lenses - You can do it

If we can do it, you can do it

You might feel apprehensive about applying a contact lens for the first time. That's understandable - we all did, at first. But it is a lot easier than you'd imagine. Millions of people worldwide wear contact lenses, and it becomes second-nature in no time at all.

There's nothing to worry about

You're not the first person to try contact lenses, nor the last. In fact, contact lens technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, just like all other forms of technology - and each different type of lens has features designed to make them as comfortable as possible.

First contact lenses - Nothing to worry about

Trying contact lenses for the first time

How to smoothly apply and remove lenses

It's no more difficult to apply and remove lenses than to tie your laces or brush your teeth. It takes very little time to override your eye's natural instinct to blink when something comes too close to it. Watch this video to see how to apply and remove your lenses the right way.

In lens-loving professionals we trust

Our number one piece of advice to any contact lens novice is visit an optician. You can buy lenses from most opticians nowadays, but we strongly recommend sitting down with an optician to get their advice on wearing lenses. In fact nearly 8,000 are registered on our site throughout Europe - and possibly someone is just around the corner from you.

Contact lenses - Trials with eye care professionals

Daily or monthly, what's the difference?

Daily lenses

Disposable contact lenses that last a day. No cleaning required.

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Monthly lenses

Disposable contact lenses that last a month. Clean and store them every day.

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