Suffering from contact lens problems

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Contact lens technology has rapidly evolved in recent years, just like all other forms of technology. With new contact lens technology, the objective is to give the wearer the best comfortable wearing experience possible.

How to fix contact lens problems - Dry eyes

Myth #1: All contact lenses lead to dry eyes

Incorrect. For example, DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient contact lenses are lenses that feel like nothing 1,2 . Water gradient lenses have almost 100% water at the surface. That means the only thing that touches the eye is a cushion of moisture that leads to outstanding comfort4.

Myth #2: Red eyes are part of the deal

It's true that wearing some contact lenses for too long could lead to redness caused by a lack of oxygen arriving to the eye. DAILIES TOTAL1® water gradient contact lenses allow the highest oxygen flow of any daily disposable branded contact lens to pass freely through the lens to your eye3**.

How to fix contact lens problems - Red eyes

How to fix contact lens problems - Lens that fits your needs

Myth #3: All lenses are made equal

That's simply not the case. There are different materials and different production processes. That's why we always recommend a visit to your optician. They will give you the best recommendation so you'll find a lens that fits you best.

Recent lens innovation


Water gradient material

DAILIES TOTAL1® is the latest innovation in contact lens material. Water gradient lenses have a cushion of moisture that surrounds the lens so it feels like you're wearing nothing1,2.

SmartShield technology

Higher breathability

High breathability

Oxygen is one of the key factors for the wellbeing of your eyes. So a high breathability helps support white, healthy-looking eyes3.

'You can do something about it'

Some lens wearers walk around for years, without ever mentioning eye related inconveniences to their optician. You should not let yourself be one of those people. Please ask your optician for a solution. Matt explains.

'Looking back, I waited too long'

Sometimes it takes a few trials to find the right lens for you. For Amelie the third time was a charm.

How we found comfortable contact lenses

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