Evy about her contact lens experience

Evy about solving discomfort

Evy - 34

Evy is a professional dancer, model and hostess. She is part of a dance group which performs at various events. She loves going on long holidays and dreams of seeing the entire world. But she also enjoys downtime at home watching films with her husband and cats.

At what age did you start wearing contact lenses?

‘When I was twelve years old I started wearing glasses and to be honest, I did not like them. At that age you are often insecure about the way you look and I also thought they got in the way when dancing or during sports. Happily I was allowed contacts pretty soon after.’

Did that go well right away?

‘Yes it did. It may have taken me a month or so to get used to them, but after that it always went smoothly and I rarely wear my glasses. I have thought about having laser surgery on my eyes, but it seems like a lot of hassle and I also find it a bit daunting. And why would I, when my contacts work so perfectly.’

‘They really never give me any trouble’

Not a worry in sight then?

‘Well, there wasn’t. But at a certain moment I started to experience some discomfort, mainly towards the end of the day. That happened gradually and in the beginning I could ignore it. But then it got to the point that it really started to bother me. So I decided to have my eyes tested again. It turned out I needed a different type of lenses. I should have gone for a check-up a bit sooner’.

Eefje about her contact lens experience

So are you and your new contacts inseparable again?

‘Absolutely. Even when I am at home, chilling out and watching TV, I still wear them. They really never give me any trouble.

So would you advise others to wear contacts?

‘Definitely. You get used to them so fast, and once you do you will experience so much more freedom in moving around and in life in general. The one thing I would stress is that you have your eyes tested at least once or twice a year and not wait too long.’

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