Jennifer about her contact lens experience

Jennifer about fixing lens-discomfort

Jennifer – 36

Jennifer is a professor in microbiology who works at a zoo where she teaches and performs scientific research. In her spare time she is a singer and musician and spends a lot of time outdoors to pursue her other interest: photography.

Why did you start using contact lenses?

‘In my line of work you spend a lot of time walking around the great outdoors and you have to be able to see clearly. Glasses aren’t always the most useful in that environment. Contact lenses seemed a logical solution for me, and for a long time they suited me very well.’

When did you start getting problems?

‘My eyes were giving me more and more trouble and often felt very dry. At first I thought it came with the territory, but then I went to see an optician for more info.

‘My eyes have adjusted to wearing contact lenses and it has made my work and my life a lot easier’

Did you change to glasses?

‘No, because in my job glasses just aren’t practical. I spend a lot of time in the laboratory where the circumstances have to be as hygienic as possible. Also, when looking through my microscope the extra layer of the glasses is not very practical.’

Did you manage to find another solution?

‘I went to my optician and tried a lot of different things. In the end the expert advised me to wear soft contact lenses that allow a high amount of oxygen through. It took a while to get used to but after I did, I always wear them at work.’

Jennifer about her contact lens experience

What would you advise other people who experience problems with their contact lenses?

‘Find a really good expert, and explore all the possibilities because these days so much is possible. Sometimes the solution can even be quite simple. For instance, I didn’t know that the shape and size of your eyes determine which contact lenses suit you best. An expert knows about these things and will help you look for solutions.’

Are you happy with your current contact lenses?

‘I have been wearing them for a year and half now and I am very pleased with them. Whenever I wear glasses I always feel they are there, no matter how lightweight they are. But with my contact lenses I don’t even notice wearing them. My eyes have adjusted to wearing contact lenses and it has made my work and my life a lot easier.’

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