Lena about her contact lens experience

Lena about solving discomfort

Lena - 32

Lena works as a GP’s assistant and has two young daughters. On the weekends they like to go out and do fun stuff or cook together. They also love spending family time watching movies.

When did you start wearing contact lenses?

‘When I was twelve. I used to wear glasses before that, but as a teenager you start to care more about the way you look and I just preferred contacts. I didn’t think glasses were always that comfortable either. It took me a little while to get used to contacts, but I have been wearing them for over 20 years now.

You never experienced any problems?

‘No, they never gave me any trouble. The only thing I did notice is that I was a little lazy sometimes when it came to properly cleaning my monthly contacts. I know hygiene is vital and that you have to clean both your hands and the contact lenses very well because if a speck of dirt gets onto the contact it might cause irritation. I admit that I was not always as good as I could have been at cleaning my lenses, and that i did not realise that I wasn’t making the most out of them because of my own laziness. My opticians told me that I had to be more diligent when it came to cleaning.’

‘These dailies are ideal, because you just throw them away after wearing’

So then you changed your ways?

‘Well, not really. I changed to using daily contact lenses! I just know that I am not that disciplined and for people like me these dailies are ideal, because you just throw them away after wearing.

Your contacts never give you trouble?

‘Honestly, never. I also enjoy sometimes getting prescription coloured contacts. I have brown eyes but when I order grey contacts my eyes look blue in a very natural way.’

Lena about her contact lens experience

So would you recommend it?

‘I can’t decide for everyone, but I would say that you get used to them so quickly that wearing them becomes second nature. And I find them way more practical than glasses which always get lost or damaged. Although I do still like wearing my glasses when I come home from a long day at work.’

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